How to Get the Right Size For Adidas Shoes

In order to get the right size for adidas shoes, you should know how to compare your shoe size to ISO-recommended sizes. If you’re looking to buy adult shoes, you should choose a size one to one and a half sizes larger than what you usually wear. If you’re a woman, this means choosing a UK size half a size larger than your regular US size. The same rule applies to men’s shoes.


If you’re not sure which size to order for your new pair of Adidas sneakers, you can always check the official size chart. While the company generally uses a standard size chart, the UK and US charts are slightly different. For example, a US 10 will be a UK 9.5. For this reason, you might want to buy a half size larger than your regular shoe size.

You should also measure your feet to determine which size you need. The best way to measure your foot is to measure from the heel to the longest toe. You can use the Adidas size chart or draw your foot against a wall. This will provide you with a more accurate measurement.


If you’re planning to buy Adidas shoes in the UK, it’s important to know the proper size. The UK shoe size chart is different from the US shoe size chart. US men’s and women’s sizes start at Size 0 while UK sizes start at Size 10. For example, a US size 10 is equivalent to a UK size 9.5.

To determine your adidas shoe size, measure from your heel to your largest toe. This will give you the right size. If you have a narrow foot, you should buy a half size up, and vice versa. Wider feet should buy a full size up.


The adidas shoes size chart varies a bit from most brands in North America. Adidas uses a scale of one size smaller than its US counterpart, while most North American brands use a ratio of one. That means that if you wear a US 10 shoe, you should purchase a UK 9.5. The same goes for women and men.

In order to determine the size of your Adidas shoes, you will first need to measure your foot. You can find easy instructions on how to measure your foot on Adidas’ website. For the most accurate measurement, stand with your heels against a wall and draw a circle around your foot. Then, take the measurement of that square and multiply it by your foot length.

New Balance

The New Balance shoes size chart will help you determine the proper size for your feet. It includes measurements of your length, width, and toes. Then, it converts that measurement to the UK or EU equivalent. To determine the size of your feet, measure the longest toe. If it is longer than your other toes, measure the distance from the tip to the end of the longest toe.

Unlike most other brands, New Balance follows a different sizing convention than other brands. It is the only shoe brand in the US that follows a half size conversion. Other brands, including adidas, follow the same sizing convention for their US and UK sizes, but differ in Europe and China. Reebok and Nike also follow the same sizing convention, but there is a small difference between US and UK sizes.

Puma Kids

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of new Adidas shoes, you may wonder how to choose the right size. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to determine the proper size. adidas’ size chart is updated for November 2021. It’s similar to those of other popular American brands, although the US and UK sizes differ slightly. Usually, you’ll want to purchase a half size larger than your normal size, unless you have particularly wide feet or slim legs.

Adidas has a size chart that takes into account both gender and age. US women’s sizes start at Size 0 while men’s sizes begin at Size 1. Men’s size 7 is equivalent to US 7.5 in Adidas.

Puma Men

When buying Adidas shoes, it’s important to know how to buy them. Fortunately, their sizing chart for men and women is available. You can see the sizes listed on product detail pages. If you have a large or small foot, you can purchase a half size larger than your usual size.

You should note that there are some differences between men’s and women’s sizes. Generally, the two brands use standard sizes, although some will use metric measurements. For example, men’s EU size 42 1/2 would be equivalent to a size 8.5 US.

Puma Women

Unlike other brands, adidas does not differentiate between men’s and women’s shoe sizes. Instead, the brand follows the general convention for US sizes, starting with size 0 for women and size 1 for men. Consequently, women’s shoe sizes are one size larger than men’s. The size chart below summarizes the differences according to the ISO recommendation.

If you have no idea what size you are, the best way to decide is to check the length of your foot. The length of a person’s foot is measured from heel to toe, and the size chart will display this in Centimeters and Inches.